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Damiano and Susanna – Wedding in La Spezia

Wedding in La Spezia

Today I’m going to talk about Damiano and Susanna story, two guys from La Spezia I took some pictures in the end of August.
This wedding for me is not just their story, but also a lovely discovery about the Jehovah’s Witnesses of La Spezia, a beautiful group of people who can feel you a friend when you work with them.
The locations for the wedding were the city of La Spezia, in particular the Sala del Regno, the awesome Fosdinovo Castle (Castello Malaspina) and Le Scuderie di Cocò restaurant.
The pictures on the beach were realized in the beautiful city of Tellaro. Soon we will publish another wedding in Tellaro, with a service in the beautiful San Giorgio church.

The make-up was cured by Gloria Bacigalupi ,

while the bride’s hair is byCristina Gori.

The dress is by Carpeggiani Spose.

Gli scatti sono stati realizzati da Alessandro Colle e dal grande Damiano Mariotti che si è prestato gentilmente a farmi a secondo.

The photos are by Alessandro Colle and Damiano Mariotti, who did the second photographer.

This wedding is post-produced by Chiara Santi with the supervision of Serena Rossi.