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Elena and Gianluca – Wedding at Baglio della Luna

Wedding at Baglio della Luna

Elena and Gianluca chose to celebrate their wedding at Baglio della Luna, the lovely location near Bagnone.

They chose to celebrate the wedding at Baglio della Luna because they wanted just one location where they could to both the ceremony and the reception.

The Baglio della Luna, indeed, allows to organize both civil and religious weddings in its big garden, an “American” ritual outoor on the grass.

The American style was also in the choice of Elena who arrives at the altar with lot of bridesmaids with their identical dresses.

But a wedding at Baglio della Luna is also a special deal to dance all night long: indeed, the location is well-accessible place, but far from the houses, so the hosts can bring the noise all the night.

The perfect place for Elena and Gianluca’s friends who got crazy dancing on a special DJ’s songs: DJ Colla, the bride’s dad.

The post-ceremony photos were taken in the Bagnone, a small medieval town full of alleys and suggestive views.

Bagnone is a small village, famous because it’s the place where someone won the highest prize at the Superenalotto.

Taking pictures of a medieval town allows to find always a suggestive view, but most of all it makes the photographer’s life easier when he doesn’t look for a portraied style. I just let the couple walking in the streets and caught their natural love gestures.