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Matrimonio in Famiglia - family wedding

Emilio and Serena – A family wedding in Naples

The first wedding I did with a Canon was a family wedding. A couple of days after the accident I told you in this article, we arrived in Naples for my brother-in-law wedding and we bought the Canon 5D Mark IV from FotoEma.

In this wedding, the photographers were Serena and Emilio, because I was the groom’s witness. Both for Serena and Emilio, it was their last wedding: Serena decided to get a year of stop because the birth of Giulia, and Mimmo retired with the first of January.

The preparation of the bride was cured by Serena and Emilio at Villa Minieri in Nola. Sophie, the bride, has a very particular face: she’s half Japanese and half English, so she has a bit of Oriental features.

She got ready with the help of all the family girls, and in some photos you can also see Serena helping her with the veil.

Indeed, the groom got ready in the family building in Scisciano, very near where the wedding ceremony was. The City Council celebrates the wedding in the square near the City Hall and I have to say that, with the hot weather of the South of Italy, it was not so easy to wear the suit.

For the post-ceremony photographies, we chose the Scisciano little streets and the big door of the family building.

The reception was in a private villa where we had the speeches and the first dance of the couple.

If you look very well the photos, you can see me dancing 😉