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Wedding at Villa Scorzi

Giada and Claudio – Wedding at Villa Scorzi

Getting married in the Winter

Between the hills near Pisa, few kilometers from the well-known Certosa, there’s Villa Scorzi, amazing wedding location.

But every wedding has its own personality and the Villas change with the people they host. In this game, we also put an uncontrollable wedding planner and let the magic start.

This wedding theme was the cold, Festile’s David Morelli set his actors and transformatives’ free to create an Ice Wedding, perfect for a wedding in January.

Giada and Claudio got married in a fairy wood full of ice, while a magical tree greeted the hosts and touched lightly the children with its wand.

It was a very intense trial for us to take pictures at this wedding, with very few light and without using the flash – to keep the atmosphere.

The most important moment of the ceremony was Giada and Claudio’s daughter who brought the wedding rings, with some tears of course.

The traditional throw of the rice was replaced by the throw of confetti and petals, while the couple went with the Winter Queens through the hosts.

Villa Scorzi has lot of different areas you can use for a ceremony, such as the raised floor where the dinner was served.

The room, lightened with blue lights and small candles recalls the ice and the cold theme.

But all of this was just the prequel for a crazy night, were also our well-known wedding planner let his cool mood for dancing all night long.


Dresses: Labart di Laura Bartelloni

Makeup artist: Alessandra Giacomelli

Live music: Disturbanda

Lights: Diego Costabile

Catering: Aurora di Antonio Campanale

Flowers: Rachel & Rebecca Flower Art, Querceta