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Wedding at Villa Bagno - Mantova

Gloria and Roberto – Wedding at Villa Bagno

Villa di Bagno is a nineteenth-century house which rises in Porto Mantovano, it becomes nowdays a wedding location.

A wedding in this location allows to optimize times without forcing the couple to move to different places for the post-ceremony photos, and at the same time, it offers lot of backgrounds and locations.

In this location, we did a photography service two years ago for a couple of guys from Milan.

In our first Wedding at Villa Bagno we realized suggestive images thanks to the outdoor outfittings in the garden and in the villa too; this time the weather didn’t allow to have dinner in front of the water lily garden.

A professional photographer specialized in weddings knows how to manage a situation like this and knows how to do a good service also with the rain. Indeed, the “Rain” category is one of the most difficult of every international contest.

How a photographer should do with the rain? Can he manage it to become its alley and create suggestive images? Or does he get crazy?

Personally, I live the “rain” element like an incentive for doing more captivating photos; we also won lot of prizes in this category.

Also in Gloria and Roberto’s wedding, the rain let us win an international award. Indeed, the wedding cake cut won a WPJA Award and an editor choice on MyWed (an other photo of the bride’s preparation won an editor choice too).

In this Wedding at Villa Bagno the couple did an itinerant dinner: they ate every course in a different room. This solution permits to the couple to spend time with all of their hosts even if they were in different rooms.

The very special thing in this wedding is the absolute spontaneity of the bride and the groom; Gloria and Roberto are a couple you can tell to do everything, indeed they are very spontaneous.

Villa di Bagno has two different rooms for the bride and groom’s preparations, in this service you can see the two preparations: one followed by Emilio, one by me and Matteo.

The ceremony was in the garden of the villa in a perfect american style. A civil ceremony, but very touching and moving where lot of the hosts couldn’t stop the tears.

The service has also a video which you can see by clicking here. The video you will see is a one operator video without drone. The flight of the drone upon Villa di Bagno can be done only by certified pilots because we are in a CTR areal space, near the airport.

Let the images talk.

The event was coordinated by Fulvia of Villa di Bagno.