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Wedding in Vicopisano wedding Photographer

Greta and Erin – Wedding in Vicopisano

Greta and Erin love story was born during the University.

These two young guys met in Pisa and never be separated. Two different stories: Erin arrives from far away, he conquered a place in Pisa after school in Albania. Greta, big eyes and clean face from Vicopisano.

From their love, a beautiful little girl was born, and she’s the real protagonist of this story.

For the ceremony, they chose Pieve dell’Assunta, in the heart of Vico. Between the walls of ancient stone, they celebrated their wedding. A very touching moment was seeing their girl arranging the mother’s bridal dress. I freeze this moment from behind and this photo won a prize in the American contest AG-WPJA.

For the party, they chose a very particular location: Casale del Mare. It’s a location very different from the common view of Castiglioncello. In the hills on the coast, between the equitation fields there’s this unique location.

The photographers of this wedding are: Alessandro Colle and Massimo Santi.

Post-Production by Serena Rossi.