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Wedding at Tenuta Biserno

Naima and Davide – Wedding at Tenuta Biserno

When I prepared this Wedding at Tenuta Biserno, I started from a very old and personal memory: the Bolgheri cypresses. I remember when my dad brought me to see them and read me the Carducci’s poem about them. I remember the shadows and the lights on the street.

The Nobel Prize poet wrote that they were “alti e schietti” (tall and open) and really they are two parallel lines which run for lot of chilometers from the town into the countryside.

For who wants to listen the Giosuè Carducci’s poem and his deep consideration about life and time, you can do it at this link.

When you saw a place before a wedding, you can previsualize the images you’ll going to take. This will help you a lot realizing a service because it allows you to put together what you imagined.

And it goes this way: in 10 minutes, we could do the post-ceremony service of Naima and Davide.

This was the first service in which I used both Canon and Sony, even if I also had Nikon for particular situations in which I didn’t tested Canon and Sony yet.

For the service, the couple chose the Bolgheri town and also the Tenuta Biserno, famous for its wines. This is the Country of excellent wines, one for all the Sassicaia. The reception was coordinated by Paola Picchi’s Momenti Conviviali.

Please note the very particular dress of Davide, who is the owner of one of the most exclusive clothing shop of the Maremma, the historic Via Roma 1.

For this service, I have to thank:
Matteo Zannoni, my assistant
Fabrizio and Simona of FlyCiak
Photos by Alessandro Colle
Video by Collephoto