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Sabrina and Francesco – Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

When I decided with Sabrina and Francesco this service in Venice, I just knew about one of my photography teachers, Fulvio Roiter, whom I took some pictures several years ago.

It was difficult to deal with Venice without thinking to his simple and brilliant photography, it’s difficult to think to at a new way to take pictures in one of the most famous city in the world.

Because of this, I tried to narrate a story where my couple becomes the protagonist of a tale.

Imagine an empty Venice, at the sunrise, a couple just met at a mask party, they walk around the deserted city, doing little gestures and lovely words each others.

Then they take off the masks and they know each other, as it always be in love stories. There, the hesitations disappear and the couple kisses and do romantic love effusions in the gondola.

It’s the story of how a love is born, summed in just a day, from the sunrise, in the city that most of all celebrates the love.

The realization of this service would not be possible without the Collephoto team, in particular:

  • Serena Rossi, coordination and post-production
  • Massimo Santi: assistant and photographer
  • Damiano Mariotti: videomaker
  • Alessandro Colle: photographer

A sincere thanks to: Francesco, Sabrina, Bianca and Francesca (she’s not in the pictures but she was amazing, especially for shooing the tourists).

Thanks also to Venice, that, as Nuti would say, is always Venice.