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Sara and Michael – Wedding at Villa Bernardini

Wedding at Villa Bernardini

I didn’t know Sara, when she arrived in my studio; but I remember I told Damiano I’d like taking pictures at a tattooed bride. But don’t let her strong style impress you, behind those tattoos there is a sweet girl, full of emotions, really in love with her Michael.

Maybe it’s because of her sensibility that she appreciated the qualities of David Morelli, very talented wedding planner, who coordinated that event: the theme was “Alice in Wonderland”.

Where can you organize such a particular wedding? At Villa Bernardini, obviously. I don’t want to imagine how much David and his staff worked to create the atmosphere for this wedding, they cured every single detail. A great compliment goes to the costumists for the work they did, because they all where really good and realistic.

But let’s go back to the wedding: after she confirmed the service, Sara came back in the studio several times to tell us how the preparation was going. This permits me to understand that she loved the dreamy and fairy atmosphere. With this idea, we did both the pictures and the post-production to create a dreamy service. This is our approach to the wedding: we create a costum-made dress for our clients, modifing tecniques, equipment, photography style.

Surely, the location of Villa Bernardini helped us to do this; the amazing villa near Lucca became the perfect location for a big wedding.

For the pictures we only use the outoor of the villa because we don’t love to distract the couple from the party, we prefer they enjoy their friends withour long posed photosets.

But let’s space to the photographies… Ladies and Gentlemen, Sara and Michael!