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Sara and Patrick – Wedding in Portovenere

Wedding in Portovenere

Taking pictures at a wedding in Portovenere is always exciting, and if the couple is Sara and Patrick, this is even more beautiful.

A sweet and so in love couple who chose Portovenere as background for their wedding pictures.

A wedding in Portovenere needs a good knowledge of times and lights, it’s very easy to get a negative light without possibility of saving your work. In this case, we decided to take pictures at the sunset, so we could see the couple on an amazing background.

There are several ways to take pictures at a wedding in Portovenere; with this couple we decided to use the cliffs, but there’s also a boat service which permits to carry the couple in the sea and take pictures with San Pietro church on the background.

Between this photos’ service, you can see the Byron cave, the English poet loved diving from here and taking a long bath in the sea. It’s also possible to see a small pier, incredibly without yachts, and this gave us a lovely view of the church, which is this’ city symbol.

The final part of this service narrates the couple’s craziness who decided to dive in the sea to celebrate their most beautiful day. A dive from the pier with the bridal dress, an original way to use the dress, the perfect “trash the dress”.