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Wedding Cà Borghese Wedding Photographer

Sharon and Marco – Wedding Cà Borghese

Wedding Cà Borghese – Sarzana


The story of Sharon and Marco is a very sweet love story, they’ve a strong feeling and a common vision of the life.
Together, they share the passion and the dedication for the parish and the friendship with a group of guys, they’re really close.This wedding service in Sarzana was done in the Vecchia Ceramica Vaccari, a very suggestive post-industry contest.
This was the first time I entered in those abandoned hangars, I didn’t imagine their size. This was the biggest European industry of ceramic, nowdays it sleeps in a semi-abandoned condition. How many stories were in these hangars, how many workers worked here to create amazing pieces of the futuristic art?
Between the high smokestacks of th Hoffman furnaces, here the footprints of the pride of the La Spezia industry lie; a surreal location worthy a science-fiction movie.When the vintage cars that were choosen for the wedding arrived in the dusty streets between the hangars, it seemed like the time stopped, like we turned back time when in those places you could hear the workers’ voices. But the voices were the crazy friends ones who celebrated Sharon and Marco wedding.The reception location was Cà Borghese, owned by the Colombini family. Cà Borghese is the new beautiful location in Arcola, near Sarzana and La Spezia.
A wedding in Cà Borghese cannot finish without the cut of the bottle of Champagne near the swimmingpool.This service was realized by:
Alessandro Colle, Martina Brui, Serena Rossi.
The aereal shoots were realized by Daniele Wola for Flyciak with homologated drones and qualified pilots.