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Wedding at Bernardone

Wedding at Bernardone – Camaiore

Wedding in collaboration with David Morelli’s Festile in the beautiful location of Bernardone Restaurant in Camaiore.

Wedding at Bernardone – When you’ve to organise a wedding, you always imagine it with the sun. No one thinks to his own wedding in a rainy day. Sadly, every year, few weddings are under the rain.

If it’s raining, all the organization goes under pressure, the spaces and the times change.

It’s not a chance that, in every wedding photography contest, there’s the “Weather” category. To manage the light and the psychological aspect of a couple requires great professionality. You have to infuse self-confidence and keep the couple calm, and you can’t buy these aspects with the latest camera model.

Often, the photographer work consists of taking decisions in a few minutes, managing with lot of probabilities.

The service I’m going to tell you about is a wedding which suddenly changes at the last minute because of a terrible rain.

The luck was that we’re collaborating with one of the best wedding professionists: David Morelli from Festile. Collaborating with a prepared wedding planner is surely a great help when you’ve to totally change everything.

In this moment, the location, Bernardone Restaurant, surely helped us. The big rooms permit to organise the ceremony indoor and its rock walls perfectly matched with the autumn fittings David did.

Before the wedding, I imagined how I’d portrayed my couple: with lot of green and nature around them, with the means of transport they had: an amazing Volkswagen van, driven by Giovanni. But the rain blow everything over.

But the T1 is too beautiful for not using it; and, if we cannot describe its great exterior, we can surely appreciate the interior, perfect in every detail.

We still had the problem of where taking the post-ceremony pictures, because the rain kept falling.

I tried to imagine what I’d wanted, what background I’d liked; and suddenly the idea… going in a greenhouse and using it as location for the pictures.

I don’t know how people thought seeing two photographer and a married couple coming, but they let us going inside and doing our job.

After several minutes of photos, we came back to Bernardone for the dinner and the party.

Thanks to DJ Galassini‘s music, the hosts got crazy till late night, while outside the rain kept falling.

Thank for the collaboration to my storic second photographer, Damiano Mariotti.