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Wedding at Costa dei Barbari

Wedding at Costa dei Barbari

Chiara and Davide came at out studio with really clear ideas: getting married in the marvellous Carrara Dom and keeping the wedding party at Costa dei Barbari.

Taking pictures at the Carrara Dom is not so easy, because it’s one of the darkest churches of the area, but if you face it with the right equipment you can have a great backlight.

For this reason, we chose the latest fullframe equipment which allows us to shoot clea photos even wothout light and flash.

Indeed, thanks to the clearness, the photos are not blurred with the usual “digital noise”, that grainy glaze which is in the low-quality pictures and which you can easily see in pictures taken with not much light.

Doing a wedding with not much light was a couple’s choice and this followed us even through the after ceremony photos, taken in the beautiful rooms of the famous “I Salotti” in Carrara.

Even if this is a summer wedding, we played with taking off the light instead of put it, creating high contrast situations with scenographic impact.

After a quick photo session, we moved to Viareggio, where Andrea Prosperi waited for us in Darsena: the wedding at Costa dei Barbari is always a guarantee, the staff always professional and reliable.

The married couple enjoyed all night long the party on the lovely front-sea terrace, waiting for the wedding cake and the fireworks.

The final part of the service is a portrait’s session that we did later. The location is Tellaro, a small town in the Ligurian gulf.