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Wedding at Villa Baldaccini Lucca Wedding Photographer

Wedding at Villa Baldaccini – Lucca

Between its hills, Lucca hides ancient villas, some of them are well-known, others are incredible surprises. Little pearls which suddenly appear after a curve.

One of them is Villa Baldaccini.

Non-usual destination for weddings, it as a beautiful discovery, thanks to Martina and Marcello.

A wedding celebrated in the hot Tuscan Summer, with a blue sky which makes contrast with the green of the olives trees.

Martina got ready in Garfagnana, not so far from the Ponte del Diavolo, Marcello waited on her in the villa.

A wedding that quicky changed in an outdoor party, with crazy friends and a swimmingpool which let understand the end of the night.

We’d like to thank our married couple for choosing our studio to take pictures in their special day.

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