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Wedding in Riomaggiore

Wedding in Riomaggiore

The Cinque Terre are surely the perfect location for a wedding, a wedding in Riomaggiore, or in Vernazza, is surely the occasion to do a great service with unique views.

This couple decided to take the pictures in the small streets of Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre towns, in a Summer afternoon, between fishermen and fishnets.

With its little bay, Riomaggiore is a pearl in Liguria; surely, getting married in Riomaggiore is a little crazy: its streets are a succession of climbs and declivities.

Then, our bride decided to take a bath in the sea with the groom. The pedestrians are incredulous and it was unbelievable seeing a bride in the sea with her amazing with dress – it’s not a thing you see everyday. But also seeing the photographer taking a boad to take them some pictures it’s not a so common thing.

So, while the American tourists looked at our Italian madness, we realized a serie of pictures in the trash the dress style, the best way to celebrate the wedding magic.

I always say to look for an expert Cinque Terre photographer, because the lights and the weather could suddenly change and compromise the service.

Thanks to the beautiful Lisa and to her husband to let us post the service in Riomaggiore on our site.