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Wedding on the Beach Costa dei Barbari Viareggio

Wedding on the Beach – Viareggio

Wedding with a bad weather

How does a couple imagine their wedding? Surely with the sun, especially if they decide to do a wedding on a beach.

Also Francesca and Marco dreamt of a sunny day to celebrate their wedding, but the fate reserved them a ba weather surprise: a wedding on the beach with bad weather.

These are the circumstances in which it’s better having a photographer with lot of experience because this thing gets you to have or not have your photography service. The photographer’s experience permits to keep calm in situations where the weather could become an ally to take amazing pictures.

We only took pictures after the ceremony for 15 minutes, we found a window without rain and we knew what to do.

I have to say that the partnership with Damiano was essential: he’s a meteorology enthusiastic and he calculated the perfect 15 minutes to take pictures inside a storm.

But, at least, this is always the difference between Collephoto and the others: we’re a team who works perfectly together, with lot of knowledges who sometimes help us to do different things.

So, I remember a burned sunset and a crazy wind – we knew that, if the wind stopped, it would have started raining, so we had to take pictures with it.

Then, if the bride and the groom are two crazy types, everything becomes easier: climbing on a tree in the sand or running in the wind.

But, above us, there were also other professionists who worked very hard to make this wedding perfect: the Costa dei Barbari team.

Is was really great what they did, moving everything in the indoor room. First of all, the big work of the Wedding Planner Ambra from Noi Eventi, who created an elegant and soft atmosphere. She interpreted with her style the ceremony theme: the black and white.

It’s not easy to manage the guests when they wanted to hang out on the beach but the weather force them to stay inside, but the professionality of the Costa’s service allowed everyone to enjoy the party. This one, indeed, got really crazy even without the terrace on the beach.

Lot of time, the couple doesn’t understand the difference between two professionists: this is an example of a party that could have been destroyed, but the team that run the event made it to fly high and allowed the bride and the groom to have an amazing memory of their most beautiful day.