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Art Photography, beyond the image

Cartier-Bresson said that “To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.” And nowdays this teaching is even more alive: in a society which is slave of the images we lost the value that the photography has. Every day we download, share, create images, we do video clips: we’re active producers of permanent contents but sometimes overloaded and useless. The web images are powerful, instant and incisive on the communication point of view.

So, what’s the additional value which a professional photographer guarantees? Let your memories become eternal through unique and strong-impact photographies. Because of this, to illustrate your emotions we chose an Art Photography approach; we imagine every single photo as a master piece through a photographic and personalised project which celebrates one of the most important moment of your life.

For every service we create a specific post-production where every photo is analyzed, studied and understood to recreate with the elaboration and the print the magic of the shoot. We don’t use any standard filter, but manually optimise every single photo. Every day we set the goal and the challenge to create unique photographies, never ordinary, with a special light which makes them similar to paintings. The final visual impact, I can guarantee, is really captivating.

Trust in us, you will discover our services Wedding, Engagement, Love portrait, First Look, and let the emotion wrap you with our Collephoto services!