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Marble Quarries Carrara Wedding Photographer

Service at the Marble Quarries

I was born in a land which lives for the Marble. A stone that becomes art by several artists’ hands around the world.

There are two areas in which we can find the marble: the famous one in Carrara and the Levigliani’s one on the Apuane.

This service was taken in the Levigliani marble caves, that have a particular history made by free men. The Carrara’s quarries are run by complex public concessions, the Levignani’s quarries are managed and run by the families of the city. Their story is narrated in the book “Working Free”.

A different relation between man and land, but also a different relation between men and their job. Here the caves workers are also the owners and decided the production and the extraction process.

I had the luck to take photos twice in this location; to arrive there we have to go on a steep and precipitous street, but when we arrive on the top the view is amazing.

The sea seems really near, just under our position.

In this Trash the Dress service I decided to use our couple to celebrate the majesty of this Quarry. I preferred to take pictures with just two lenses: a 135mm and a wide-angle lenses. The tele-photo lens is for looking for the details, the wide-angle lens is for show the majesty of this panorama which is also the mirror of the men’s hard work.

I really like this area and the people who live here, who greet me like I’m one of them. A photo of this service was chosen as the best photo taken with the 135mm Nikon lens in the contest for the 100 years of Nikon.