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The Beauty of a Pregnancy Service

I think I have a beautiful wife, so with the arrival of the pregnancy I immediately dreamed about how would it be to take pictures at her (our) bump in a pregnancy service.

I told Serena thousands of possibilities, but I always saw her hesitant; so, one day, I took all my courage in my hands and I told her that I didn’t understand her thought about it. She said me she felt embarassed about the scar on her belly.

I was surprised about it, I never noticed that scar so much, rather it was familiar because my mother has a similar scar.

Because of this, I felt surprised about her answer, but I understood that the sense of discomfort she had was strong.

Serena is a strong, determinated and brave (often too much) woman, but the idea of open herself in front of a camera blocked her.

We discussed lot of times about this thing but she always stopped to talk, she put herselft in order and asked me to stop.

But today, something really amazing happened: I finally convince her to deal with her demon.

We locked in the studio, moved the fornitures and charged the cameras (one digital and one analogic). We used a strong side light, it’s a light that doesn’t cheat, it highlights every imperfection.

We did lot of photos, some of them are classical; then Serena relaxed herself and let that the baby bump perfecty point at my lens.

It’s curious because I usually decide where and how point it, but this time I waited it to point at me.

Few moments, some flash lights which cut the darkness and this portrait came out: strong, determinated and clear.

A frame in which Serena shows with courage the memory of a bad accident which will always be on her skin. This type of scar cannot be erased. Those who have it know the only way to be free of it is death.

We chose to narrate this story and to speak to all of those girls who decided not to do a pregnancy service because in that period they didn’t accept their body.

This photo has no Photoshop, no make up, it narrates a particular moment of our life: the last month of pregnancy before the arrival of Giulia.

For me, not having these pictures would be terrifying, it would mean having no memory of one of the most important period of my life.

This is why we do a premaman service, to show something temporary which will change our lives forever. Indeed, this is photography, a quick gesture to narrate a story, to stop the time and freeze a moment.

Don’t be afraid of appair ugly, don’t be afraid of some more kilos or of stretch mark; you’re always beautiful. Actually you’re even more beautiful.

If you see the photos, you can see that Serena has other scars: on the belly, on the hands, on the right arm and on the head. You can see them in the photos, we didn’t delete anything.

Alessandro & Serena