The magical night at Orvieto – FIOF 2017 | Collephoto Studio
notte di Orvieto FIOF 2017

The magical night at Orvieto – FIOF 2017

The most important three Photographic days have just ended: the FIOF convention in Orvieto.

Three days in which we talked about Photography with some of the most important names in this sector, from Andreas Bitesnich to Letizia Battaglia.

In this event, the most expected moment is surely the best 2016 works Awards.

FIOF is both for professional photographer and amateurs, and their works are judged by a serie of judges from different parts of Europe. Unlike other contests, the partecipants have not a direct contact with judges.

It was a night full of satisfaction for the Collephoto Team.

Alessandro Colle won 4 awards (absolute winner for Fashion category and runner-up in Wedding), he also received the aimed QIP; Martina Brui got the second place in the Street category.

But also our Photography school had some satisfaction and placed a pupil on the podium: Prof. Giancarlo Fambretti got the first place in the Architecture category and the second place in Landscape.

Behind these successes there’s a studio which works every day with passion and effort, meeting new challenges costantly.

Palmares Orvieto Fiof 2017

Martina Brui


silver award street


Alessandro Colle


Gold Award – Moda



Silver Award – Moda



Silver award – Wedding