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Wedding Backstage

Wedding Backstage

Wedding Backstage

This time I’m going to tell you a very particular story, I just deliver the service to my couple and I can finally tell you the behind the scenes.

We waited for Kelly’s wedding for the entire season, we knew it would be a great service on the Como Lake, in the beautiful Villa del Balbianello.

We left nothing to chance, we prepared carefully every lenses and camera, prepared lot of battery packs and SD cards. For the service I chose an exceptional second photographer, Damiano, associated and founder of the Collephoto studio and my old partner in my most difficult services.

Once on the Como Lake, we immediately reached Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, where Kelly waited on us.

Just another day in our life, that little tension we have everytime we put our Black Rapid on and we turn our Nikon on.

While in the elevator, I checked my equipment: on the right my Nikon D750 and it was ok, SD cards ok, shot mode, exposure system, I took a test pictures. Than, on my left hand there was a Nikon D810, same controls and everything’s ok.

The elevators arrives at our floor, we get off and arrive at the room where the bride is waiting on us, we chat a little just to break the ice between us and I start to study the area. I use the D750 and the D810 alternated, when suddently… the D750 doesn’t work anymore. I quickly check the camera: Error on every dial. A less than one years-old camera completely blocked.

What to do?

I think that in situation like this could make lot of professionists in trouble.

The first camera which abandons you during the service is not a good sensation. You can find yourself confused and commit some errors and try to fix it, or you can try to keep on with just one camera but you can lose the dynamism because you have to change lenses more frequently and this means losing pictures.

Our solution

Personally, I took less than a second to think the best thing to do, because in the simulations we did we also thought about this emergency.

So, I just opened my bag and took my other Nikon D750 and come back to take pictures like anything was wrong.

I think that Kelly never noticed this problem.


How many photographers have a backup equipment with which they can continue the wedding?

In my studio, we dislike letting things to chance.

Too frequently, talking about photographers, we don’t consider the importance of having a real professionist who has an elevate security standard to deal with a wedding.

A fashion or landscape photographer can think that, if something goes wrong, he can just come back to that place to take another picture or call the model once again, but in the wedding photography you only have that day and you have to do your best because of the client to guarantee the best security.


What about the Nikon?

Someone can ask about the poor Nikon… the camera had manufacturing defect, a problem with the shutter which broke at just 30k shots (it’s tested for 200k shots).

The camera has been repaired by the NPS service but it was replaced in the equipment we currently use during our weddings.