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Wedding Villa Le Molina Massa Tuscany

Alessandra and Domenico – Wedding Villa Le Molina

Wedding Villa Le Molina

I thought a lot about publishing this service or not, but at the end I decided to narrate Alessandra and Domenico’s story.

This is just not a beautiful love story, because while we’re taking these pictures, another story was going on its way and you can’t see it through these images.

I felt the responsabily for every single shot, for the post-production, for choosing and post-producing these pictures.

I don’t know how many times I started this work and then I interrupted it, too difficult not to thing about who was with me that day.

This work, its post-production, its design are a tribute to Francesco Batoni’s memory, the Pisa Calcio photographer.

For this season, I chose Francesco as my second photographer and this service was the first we did together.

Francesco was not well that day, but he told me it was ok and decided to help me. He was that way, if you wanted to ask him a question, if you wanted to know something about a Nikon, you could just call him and he was always professional and kind.

We talked a lot that day, about photography but also about life and about the lights I use that he disliked. He told me he was curious about those backlight pictures without flash I took: Francesco, I don’t know if you can see them, from wherever you are now, but I think it’s right to pay a tribute to your last work.

Thank you for arriving that day, thank you for doing your best even if you’re broke, thank you for that coffee at the end of the service. We should have got more coffee together.

Goodbye Lawyer.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Alessandra and Domenico’s Wedding Villa Le Molina.

Location: Duomo di Massa and Villa Le Molina