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Alessandro and Carlotta – Wedding in Pietrasanta and at Costa dei Barbari

Wedding in Pietrasanta and at Costa dei Barbari

Alessandro and Carlotta chose our studio to narrate their wedding in Pietrasanta.

Two guys, born and raised under the Dom of the Tucan town, couldn’t not choose a different location for their wedding.

The church is the ancient Pieve Valdicastello: between its walls, the couple said yes, in the emotion of parents and relatives.

Pieve Valdicastello is surely the best choice for who loves a smart but not so demanding style. The beauty of its thousand-year old walls, with canvas and low relief doesn’t almost need ornaments; it’s perfect in its semplicity.

For the post-ceremony service, we chose to illustrate the beauty of Pietrasanta, Piazza del Duomo in particular. Between Botero’s sculpture, our couple moved around, proud to be portrayed in the Tuscan Little Athene.

To finish the service and to honour to the Versilia, we added some Infrared pictures, that is with infrared rays in a small abandoned church not so far from the city. The infrared technique creates black and white images with white leaves and black sky.

To realize these images, we used a modified Nikon with an infrared filter on.

The location for the reception was the lovely Costa dei Barbari: perfect set also for a serie of pictures during the sunset.

The bride dress is from Laura la Sposa Chic.