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Wedding at Castelnuovo Magra Wedding Photographer

Carolina and Lorenzo – Wedding at Castelnuovo Magra

In this wedding at Castelnuovo Magra there are hidden beautiful things, sometimes you pass through and don’t see them.
For years, I passed through Villa Malaspina on the street that arrives in Fosdinovo, but I never saw its majesty and its beauty. Behind a giant wall, there is an amazing Italian garden, perfectly grown.

This is the photographer work; looking for and find the beauty that is often hidden.

In this service, we narrated Carolina and Lorenzo’s story; do to this, we decided to use a different style. We used the reportage for the preparation of the couple and for the party, while we decided to use a fashion style for the post-ceremony photos.
So, we did a serie of posed photos. Often, the couples who arrive in our studio don’t want posed photos, but if you can create a trust relationship where the couple feels good and wants to try it, why not? This service has classical images, but with a strong visive impact.

How many time we take pictures for these posed photos? Less than 40 minutes, and we filmed the video too.

For this Wedding at Castelnuovo Magra, the bride got ready in her mother’s B&B in Montemarcello; the church where the ritual was celebrated was San Francesco in Carrara.
You cannot find the location because it’s a private villa.

The bride wears a dress by Atelier Bianchini in Massa.
While we were taking pictures, on our heads flew Fabrizio of Fly Ciack, helped by Simona.
The party animation was by Extrapalco by Maurizio Borghetti.
The photographers of this service are: Alessandro and Massimo for the photos; Damiano for the video.