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Diletta and Lorenzo – Wedding at Villa Marigola

Diletta arrived in my studio without a location for her wedding, but I knew she had a good guide: a wedding planner, friend of mine, who surely would’ve doind his best for her wedding.

Then, the location they chose was Villa Marigola in Lerici, a beautiful villa on the sea, but under the control of David, it was in a completely different way.

We did several meetings to plan this service in the best way, I really wanted to create something amazing, we felt very well the relevance Diletta gave to that day, she really wanted to surprise all the guests.

The church for the ceremony was San Francesco in Carrara, with its long staircase and its typical red color.

For the shooting, we chose the Lerici castle and its breathtaking panorama on the Golfo dei Poeti.

The welcome cocktail for the guests was served in the Italian garden next to the Villa, but the real surprise was to have dinner in a romm which is usually not used for weddings.

Usually they use the two rooms on the first floor, but this time they chose the big room on the second floor.

This choice has surely generate an extra work for the team, which had to readjust a room usually used for conferences.

The final result was a 20s party with the main color was the gold.

At the end of the party, the guests were greeted by fireworks in the garden of the villa.


Music: Tasten Sax 
Flowers: Giovanni Vecoli
Wedding Planner: David Morelli
Video: Collephoto
Drone: FlyCiack