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Francesco and Giulia – Wedding in Portovenere

Who says a good wedding in Portovenere should have many guests?

In Francesco and Giulia’s story their wedding had a short number of guests, almost a destination wedding in Portovenere. But it’s been a successful wedding, for sure. It’s a small wedding in Portovenere, an elopement
The bride chose to do her preparation at the exclusive Grand Hotel Portovenere. A perfect location exposed on town’s small port.
Together with her mom and her cousin she prepared and wore her white dressing.
Francesco was waiting for her in San Pietro’s church, right on the sea.
A very heart-felt ceremony that witnessed the faith uniting Francesco and Giulia in their discrete choice to start a new family.
For the shooting we took advantage of the warm light of twilight, creating suggestive images with a strong impact.
Portovenere is a location that makes any picture suggestive. From the columns to Byron’s cave every spot in this location is a breath-taking view.
Husband and Wife continued their celebration privately in a famous restaurant not too far from out studio.