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Luca and Hiromi – Wedding in Pietrasanta

Wedding in Pietrasanta

Luca and Hiromi are two guys who arrived by the chance in my studio; they’re from different places, he’s “comasco”, she’s japanese but they chose to celebrate their wedding in Pietrasanta, in the heart of the Tuscany.

A wedding in Pietrasanta is always a lovely experience, the pictures are always different, because of the stimulating location. The little Athene of the Versilia, indeed, usually has open-air exhibitions: from the curvy forms of Botero, to the neo-classical Mitoraj.

The couple chose this amazing medieval town as background for their pictures.

How to narrate this wedding? The delicate face of Luca, his ginger beard; how this could stay near the soft face of Hiromi? How two traditions could mix together, one is coming from so far, the other is coming from Lombardia.

How to narrate this story made by little and big cultural differences? Maybe starting with Luca and his kindness who delivered Hiromi the breakfast while she was getting prepared. This story is made by sweetness and softness, with a little of embarassment while they went across Pietrasanta streets and happily smile for their love.

The location they chose for the reception was Candalla restaurant, near Camaiore: it was a great scenary for a non-ordinary party, and also a perfect location for some pictures.

Photos by Serena Rossi and Alessandro Colle.