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Wedding at Villa Marigola

Marta and Mattia – Wedding at Villa Marigola

Wedding at Villa Marigola

Marta and Mattia found us randomly, talking with friends about our services. I remembered the conversation with the bride, very shy: she wanted a moderate and not invasive service.

For this reason, this service is made with only two lenses, 35mm and 50mm: this choice allows to have a certain distance from the subject, but at the same time not to embarass the couple with big and showy lenses.

Try the difference between have a big camera or a small camera in front of you, in the fist case it will bother you.

Our couple lives in Milan, but Marta is a true-born Ligurian and she’s back in her land to celebrate her wedding.

For this, the choice of a wedding at Villa Marigola, on the La Spezia gulf. Villa Marigola is a perfect scenary for a wedding, with loto of ideas for photos with its clearings opened on the guld.

From its gardens it’s possible to narrate the famous Gulf of Poets; between the trees you can clearly see the Lerici Castle and Portovenere.

The photographer is Serena Rossi.

Hair Stylist: Cristina Gori – Mides Parrucchieri

Make Up: Michela Biagi