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Nicole and Michele – Wedding in Garfagnana

Wedding in Garfagnana

Castelnuovo Garfagnana is che most important city in Garfagnana and it’s the place where this wedding’s story started.

Nicole was sorrounded by her friends while she was getting ready, a really nice and peaceful mood. But also an atmosphere which let space to an emotional moment when the bride wore her mom’s necklace.

With a beautiful red car, Nicola and her dad went to Pontecosi, the suggestive church on the lake, which was the ceremony venue. At the end of a bridge, there is the lovely Madonna delle Grazie church. The bridge in front of the church created a perfect suspance atmosphere, leaving a wait moment between the bridesmaids’ and the bride’s arrival.

In all the possible locations for a wedding in Garfagnana, Pontecosi is surely perfect for who wants a wedding with a smart atmosphere in a place out of time.

The location of the lake allowed us to take some pictures with the couple, without moving them too far from the hosts, but letting them become part of the spontaneous and funny photos, an original way to take pictures with relatives.

The reception was in the beautiful Villa Turri, in camporgiano, in the heart of the Garfagnana. Here, the party got crazy, with dances till late night and a dive in the swimmingpool.

After their wedding in Garfagnana, Nicole and Michele took a serie of pictures in Portovenere, with a little unscheduled event on a yacht. A nice way to end their wedding album.