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Wedding at Principe di Piemonte Viareggio

Wedding at Principe di Piemonte – Viareggio

Wedding at Principe di Piemonte – Viareggio

While I’m writing this article, it’s August, but I’m going to tell you about a winter wedding at Principe di Piemonte, Viareggio.

Maybe in this moment, some brides are thinking about organizing their wedding in the Christmas period and I hope that this service could give them useful suggestions.

For a winter wedding, it’s important to know that it’s not the same as a summer wedding. So, here are some advice:

  • If you’re looking for a location in summer and with the sun, just think that in winter you’re going to stay indoor.
  • The guests’ clothing will be formal and they will not took their heels off.
  • The indoor party will be less crazy than a party on the beach.
  • The dark will come early, so consider the times of the ceremony and the photography service.
  • Look for a seasonal menu, the winter offers interesting meals.

Elena and Ivan had the luck to find an amazing sunny day and this made everything easier.

For their wedding, they chose the Avenza church, just under the Rocca di Castruccio Castracani. It’s a small church not so bright, but really intimate.

Thanks to the beautiful sun, we could take pictures outdoor on the Lido di Camaiore Pier: it’s a location that I love to use because of its geometry – and I really like it.

The photo session continued inside the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, where we were greeted from the two-Michelin-star chef Giuseppe Mancino.

The strenght point of this location is surely the elegance: the smart and out-of-time atmosphere, the rooms full of history create a magical and surreal atmosphere. But the surprise is at the 5th floor.

Just out of the elevator, you get hit by the breathtaking view: you can see from Liguria to Livorno.

But let’s leave the word to the images.