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Collephoto at Milan Bridal Week

Milan Bridal Week

Milan is the fashion capital, even when we’re talking about Wedding.

To tell how much this city means Made in Italy, we can just talk about its streets: Via della Spiga or Via Montenapoleone.

Lot of times I arrived in Milan, got on the underground and in front of my I had the marvellous Dom. This time I had something different, doing the steps I read the stop’s name: Via Montenapoleone. I was going to a presentation of a fashion collection in the most important street about beauty and this collection was announced by my photos. These are the moments which leave you a bit amazed and incredulous. It doesn’t happen everyday to be host by the Bridal Week in Milan.

In front of the exclusive Hotel Borscolo, a strong bouncer check our passes and we get is the amazing view of Sala Arlecchino. To greet us, the lovely Daniela Del Cima who called us to tell her dreams, the Sposa Daphne dresses collection.

I’ve to say that our photos on the walls, between the Bridal Vogue’s pages were a big satisfaction. For who wants to see the service, you can find it on my article “Find out more about the Boho Chic Style”.

The event had lot of guests, we also met another protagonist of our set: Alberto Menegardi, the florist of Detto Fatto on Rai 2 (Italian TV) who cured the floreal preparations of the party, using roses, gypsophila and tulips (he told me the flowers names because I usally can’t identify them).

During the event, I also had the pleasure to meet the young director of Vogue Sposa and ask her few questions about her point of view of the wedding photography in Italy.

A true thanks to Erato Wellness who owned the Hotel Boscolo Milano SPA and organized the event with Boscolo and Daphne.

Also thanks to Massimo Santi of Collehoto for this service shoots.