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Giada and Andrea – Wedding at San Gimignano

Wedding at San Gimignano

Between the most particular city in Tuscany there’s surely San Gimignano, famous for its towers which stand out against the hills of the Siena countryside.

Walking in San Giminiano is suggestive, between the walls full of history of the little town you can find lot of interesting view to take amazing pictures.

Giada and Andrea chose to celebrate their wedding in December and trusted in Sonia and Alessandro from Evento Ideale. Aside from the organization of the wedding, they also took care at the preparation of the Villa with a Christmas style – we were near the Christimas day.

Who usually follows us will notice that this is our second winter wedding; indeed, December is an interesting period and we can take advantage of it for weddings.

The reception’s location was Villa Medica di Artimino, also known as La Ferdinanda or Villa dei Cento Camini. Here, Ferdinando I dei Medici asked the architect Bernardo Buontalenti tu create a place that hosted him and his court coming back from the hunt. The ligts seems lighter and we got lost in backlight shoots in the gardens.

The Villa’s interiors are very suggestive, it happens not so often eating from a rotisserie done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

These wedding’s pictures are taken by Massimo Santi from Collephoto, helped by Alessandro Colle.

Post-producton: Serena Rossi

Video: Damiano Mariotti from Collephoto