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Florence Honeymoon wedding Photographer

Simonetta and Stefano – Florence Honeymoon

Florence Honeymoon


When someone has a lily tattooed on the neck, where does he want to take the Honeymoon service?

Florence is a very suggestive location to take some pictures, this city light has something magic, it would be the glares on the ancient buildings’ walls, it would be the little streets that have seen lot of people crossing them, but everytime I come here it’s always emotional.

For this service, we chose to use Boboli Gardens in Palazzo Pitti, in addition to the classical Florence.

Simonetta and Stefano decided to take some pictures in a spontaneous way, without posed photographies and captured in their natural attitudes. It was not so difficult, I let them go and they got crazy…

Betweeen the last pictures, you can see the one the Magnum company congratulated with us, but sadly it was the ice-creams’ company.

Someone maybe could ask why we call this article “Florence Honeymoon” when we have always called this service “trash the dress”. But I think that, for this kind of photography style it’s time to introduce new points of view which go over the bride and the abandoned waterscape.
So, from now on we’re going to call this kind of service around the city “Honeymoon”: it’s a small honeymoon narrated by the photographer. If someone told me why dressed with the wedding day dresses, the answer is simple: it’s evident that they are a just married couple and it’s like they didn’t get the dress off yet.

Thank you to Martina who helped me in this service and suggested me new Florence points of view.