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Wedding Versilia

Wedding Versilia


Light-blue Hydrangeas, sand and candles for a smart wedding near the sea.

Our couple asked for a wedding Versilia which conjured up the times when everyone was going “100 all’ora” (an Italian way of saying we’re going fast), the roaring ’60. The colour of the wedding was the light-blue with shells, little pieces of wood tied up with a rope and little windsor knots.

On the table there were little glass vases with light-blue ribbons, some hydrangeas flowers. Shells and little woods on the table as trait-d’union between the tables, napkins and menu tied up with light-blue ribbon.

Little vases with sand and candles on the tables created a romantic atmosphere.

The wedding cake was white and blue too, with decorations which recalls the graphic and the design of the partecipations and the bride and the groom initial letters; everything decorated with edible shells.

A marine frame explains why the couple didn’t the party favors for the hosts: they did a donation to “Save the Children”.

The dessert table: hand-made little bags with shells and sea stars on a net that recalls the fishermen’s. Little scrolls with light-blue ribbons to say thanks to the hosts.


Photo: Serena Rossi